Test Knitting Procedures

Thank you so much for being interested in test knitting for me! Getting feedback from other knitters is very important for me so I can be sure that my patterns are correct and written in a way that others can follow.

I post all calls for testknitters in my Ravelry group, with a picture and the tech specs (used yarns, sizes, gauge, needles etc.) and you can apply directly in the respective thread. All testknits will also be announced on my Instagram channel and in my Facebook group and page.

I will set a reasonable deadline for each of my test knits. Please do not apply if you cannot meet this deadline. In your application post in the group, please let me know which yarn you are planning to use and (if applicable) which size you want to knit. I will let you know as soon as possible, usually within a few days if you have been accepted as a test knitter. Criteria for acceptance are the size to be knit (if applicable), your posted projects on Ravelry or Instagram and experience. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be an experienced knitter, depending on the project also beginners can be suitable test knitters, so don’t let this stand in your way if you want to apply.

Please read the following paragraphs before you apply to be a test knitter. If you have any questions, please ask in my Ravelry Group or PN me.

My testknits are held in private Facebook groups because this is the easiest way for me to keep track of your comments. When you have been selected as  a test knitter you receive a PN on ravelry with a link to the group. You are also required to set up a project on Ravelry straigth away. I will send you a code which enables test knitters to link to the pattern before it is released. The code should be entered in your project’s “pattern name” field.

When you joined the group please introduce yourself with your Ravelry name (especially if it is different from your facebook name 😉 ) and post a link to your project page.

As soon you have set up your project page, I will send you the pattern. If you never tested for me before you will not receive the complete pattern straight away but I will send it out in parts. Once I see your progress you receive the link to the next part. I am sorry for this measure, but past experience requires it, sadly.

If not otherwise indicated, you are free to substitute yarns, but please make sure that you meet the gauge. Also, please let me know in advance, what yarn and color you are planning to use. Gauge is especially important for garment test knits. If you want to change anything on the pattern please check with me first. Since this is a test knit I want knitters to stay as close to the instructions as possible.

Please give me feedback while you knitting. Lots of feedback! I want to know how you feel with the pattern, is it understandable, is it easy to follow, are there any mistakes, what do you like, what do you hate, would you wish further explanations for certain parts etc. etc. etc – you get it – I want to know everything!

You can keep your notes in your Ravelry project as you progress, but please post all important stuff in the group as well (like mistakes you find or other remarks you have on the pattern). Photos of your progress are also very welcome in the group.

If you are active on Social Media like Instagram or Facebook, or if you are a blogger, posts and revisions of the pattern are of course very welcome.

At the current stage of my business I cannot offer any payment for test knits, but of course you will receive the final pattern once it is published and you’ll get another pattern of your choice from my store for free after the test knit is finished. Please have a little patience after the test knit is finished, I will need some time to get it all together and send you your discount codes.

The pattern you receive for test knitting is for your personal use only. Feel free to knit more versions but please do not distribute it in any form, electronically or printed. Do not translate without my written consent. Do not sell pieces made with my pattern without my written consent.

Follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Ravelry to get notified on future test knits.

I am looking forward to working with your and to seeing your projects!


Ingrid ♄
Live. Knit. Love.