Upcycling: New Project Bag

This year I take the pledge not to buy any new textiles. The world is full of perfectly wearable and useable stuff, so I want to abstain from buying Fast Fashion and new clothing in general – at least for 2020. But now shopping is no fun, so I am browsing second hand stores an swap shops every now and then.

At the end of this month I go to a knitting retreat by the Baltic Sea and it will be a long train ride to get there – lots of quality knitting time, yay. I wanted to sew myself a little project bag so I have my knitting gear ready at hand during the journey.

But this morning I found this little grey bag in a second hand store. It is a perfect color match for my handbag, so it went home with me for 1 Euro. At home I found that it really needs some TLC – it is homemade by a person who obviously was no genius at sewing and had some serious technical problems with their sewing machine.

So I took it apart almost completely, fixed all crooked and loose seams, redid the loop and added a button. And while I was at it and it was in pieces anyway, I embroidered my claim on the backside.

And here she is: 1 Euro, 2 hours of work, 1 shiny new project bag and I am all set for my long train ride. :D.


Live. Knit. Love.

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